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Split Bamboo Fly Rod Crafted by F. D. Kretchman Rod Co.

Split Bamboo Fly Rods. Hand made. One at a time. The F. D. Kretchman Rod Co. started in 1993 and today crafts the finest Split Bamboo Fly Rods . Each one is carefully hand-made, one-at-a-time, to meet the desires of the most discriminating fly fishers. We also perform the highest quality repairs & restorations on fine antique rods. Best Bamboo Fly Rods Custom Made by F. D. Kretchman Rod Browse the Kretchman product line now to discover exactly the rod-length , action, and line-weight to fit your style. Rod-Making Workshop Craft your own bamboo rod under the one-on-one direction of master rod-maker Fred Kretchman, with all the materials and equipment supplied by The F. D. Kretchman Rod Vintage Bamboo Fly Rods and Tackle for Sale8 1/2' F. E. Thomas "Browntone" Special Fly Rod. $1300- SOLD Empty F. E. Thomas Tube. $125. -SOLD 8' F. E. Thomas "Special". $1300.-SOLD 8' Mint H. L. Leonard Model 40-6 "Hunt" Bamboo Rod. $1700. - SOLD Mint 8 1/2' W & M Granger 'Aristocrat' Model GA8642. $600- SOLD 8 1/2' South Creek Limited Fly Rod. $2000- SOLD 6 1/2' Bogart "Brookie" - $975-SOLD 9' Garrison Model 230- $3000. - A Bamboo Fly Rod Maker's Blog by Fred KretchmanSep 26, 2020 · January 18-20th:The Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, Mass. Held at the Royal Plaza on Rt. 20, this event draws thousands of fly fishers. We'll have our new custom bamboo rods to view and cast. Friday, 10-6, Sat. 9-5:30, Sun. 9-4:30. February 23rd:New Hampshire Fly Fishing Show. Kretchman, Fred - 7'6 5wt Bamboo Fly Rod - Spinoza Rod For sale here is a rod from the bench of F.D. (Fred) Kretchman - a 7'6" 3/2 5wt weighing 4 1/4 oz. and based on Lyle Dickerson's Model 761510 with slightly lighter tips. Serial no. 05-76-04. The rod is in excellent condition. All sections are full length and straight. Moderately tempered cane. Bamboo Fly Rod Makers:A Complete Directory - Spinoza There are more bamboo rodmakers now than in any point in the history of the craft. While many build rods primarily as a hobby, there are many builders who offer up their rods to the public. Here is a directory of rodmakers that we know about who are doing Steve Bogdan has passed - The Classic Fly Rod ForumMay 19, 2011 · Fred Kretchman. Top. Hellmtflies Bamboo Fanatic Posts:7127 Joined:01/14/12 15:27 they both worked on making about 300 hundred reels of various models. These we sold off in the past number of years by Steve for an annual income. Appraisals & Identification of Bamboo Fly Rods Ephemera, empherma and Ephemerella.. Book Talk Vintage Bamboo Fly Fishing rods for sale - Root River Rod Co8' Leonard Fairy Catskill 39. This pre-fire Leonard fishing rod is a 3/2 has an actual weight of 2.3 oz. Whisper soft artistry with 2 wt or 3 wt line. Unbelievable elegance with translucent green wraps tipped with full intermediates. With a smooth 4 1/4" cork grip of 3/8" rings, butternut SB reel seat. Patent marks on 13/64 and 8/64 ferrules. Bamboo Fly Rods For Sale Spinoza Rod CompanyEC Powell "Buddy Powell" Fly Rod 9' 3/3 #6/7 $ 1,050 $ 1,150. EC Powell Bamboo Rod 9'6" 3/1 #6 $ 750. EC Powell Fly Rod 9' 2/1 #5/6 $ 675. EC Powell Fly Rod 9'6" 3/2 #6/7 $ 700. EC Powell Steelhead Fly Rod 9'6" 3/2 #7 $ 700. Sale. Classic Fly Rods Coldwater CollectiblesF.D. Kretchman Classic ~ 7'9 ~ 2/2 ~ 3.8 oz. ~ 5 wt. ~ Serial No. 15-79-05 ~ As New ~ Fred Kretchman has been hand crafting fine bamboo fly rods for the better part of a quarter century. The attention to detail and mature hand is immediately apparent as soon as remove the rod from its high-quality tube. HL Leonard Bamboo Fly Rods For Sale - Spinoza Rod CompanySome models - the Catskill, the Hunt, the DF50 are especially well regarded. If you are looking for a Leonard rod or have one to sell, please contact us. New Arrival - 08/31. New Arrival - 08/31. HL Leonard Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 1/1 #4 $ 1,250. New Arrival - 08/31. New Arrival - 08/31. Dana Gray (Carlson Rod Co) Fly Rods - Spinoza Rod CompanyDana Gray builds superb rods out of his Massachusetts workshop under the name Carlson Rod Company. In the 1990's Dana apprenticed for almost ten years under the late master rodmaker Sam Carlson, and purchased Sam's workshop when the latter passed away in 2002. Dana's rods are limited in production and highly sought aft Rodmakers Top Tapers List - Bamboo Fly Rod Collectors ForumDec 13, 1999 · Bamboo Fly Rod Collectors Forum > All > Bamboo Rod Restoration & Rod Building > Rodmakers Top Tapers List. > Leonard model 50 1/2, 8 1/2ft 3pc 5wght > Payne 98 Rob Hoffhines > Kretchman 6' 6" #3 Reed Curry > Heddon 9' 2 F 3 pc # 7/8 Don Burns PRE-OWNED RODS - Classic Fly FishermanGOODWIN GRANGER ROD CO. - MODEL "GRANGER SPECIAL", 8' 3PC 2 TIP 4-5 WT. Medium fast dry fly action. #8040. Rod was re-finished at some point. Mid is short 1 1/2". Rod looks great! /bright nickel silver ferrules. Wrapped in green and black varigated silks and tipped in goden yellow. Western styled cork grip with up-locking full nickel silver Over My WadersKeone Bamboo Fly Rods - Danny Heus, cane rodmaker, Bjarne Fries Rods - some interesting light-line models F. D. Kretchman Rod Co.-- Fred Kretchman, Rod Maker C.W. Jenkins & Son -- a tradition of excellence since 1960 Sweetgrass Rods Hank Woolman -- The Outdoorsman hollow rods #LOCANEXkretchmanflyrods/fly-rod-models The price is $3000 which includes the hollow building. 9' 6-wt. 2-Handed Striper Fly Rod. As noted above, I've had lots of interest from people who want a lighter saltwater rod to fish for 'schoolies'- smaller stripers up to 25" or so. The Effect of Material Variability on the Deflection of elasticity versus rod taper in the action of bamboo fly fishing rods. Action is a rods tendency to flex in specific areas when loaded and the extent to which it deforms in that area. MATLAB functions were scripted to plot the large deflection of bamboo fly rods in order to model the action of a rod given various properties. Edwards Quadrate Model #50 7' 6" - Classic Tackle PurveyorModel:#50, RegisteredLength:7' 6"Configuration:3 piece Weight:4.0 oz. Line:5 weight Serial Number:NA Description Particulars For your consideration is an Edwards Quadrate, Registered Model #50 from the estate of Dr. Paul Hermann, a respected maker of handcrafted bench made reels. Bamboo Rods - Rick's Rods - Vintage Fly Fishing Rods and Mode 469-7. Fly spin comb bamboo rod. Long cork handle with sliding rings for a spinning reel. Up-locking reel seat with black plastic insert for the fly reel. Green thread wraps with white trim. Chrome ferrule size 16. Includes replacement bag and W&M aluminum tube. The rod has been refinished. The condition is good.

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