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SA Definition, History, & Facts Britannica

SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German:Assault Division), byname Storm Troopers or Brownshirts, German Sturmtruppen or Braunhemden, in the German Nazi Party, a paramilitary organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler s rise to power. South Africa History, Capital, Flag, Map - BritannicaOct 10, 2021 · South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent, renowned for its varied topography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity, all of which have made the country a favored destination for travelers since the legal ending of apartheid (Afrikaans:apartness, South Africa Act Definition, History, & Facts BritannicaSouth Africa Act, act of 1909 that unified the British colonies of the Cape Colony, Natal, Transvaal, and Orange River and thereby established the Union of South Africa. It was the work of white delegatesindigenous Black African, Coloured, and Asian representatives were South African War Definition, Causes, History, & Facts Oct 04, 2021 · Full Article. South African War, also called Boer War, Second Boer War, or Anglo-Boer War; to Afrikaners, also called Second War of Independence, war fought from October 11, 1899, to May 31, 1902, between Great Britain and the two Boer (Afrikaner) republicsthe South African Republic ( Transvaal) and the Orange Free State resulting in British victory. Bantustan Definition, History, Map, & Facts BritannicaSouth AfricaState. (Show more) Full Article. Bantustan, also known as Bantu homeland, South Africa homeland, or Black state, any of 10 former territories that were designated by the white-dominated government of South Africaas pseudo-national homelands for the countrysBlack African (classified by the government as Bantu) population during the mid- to late 20th century. apartheid South Africa, Definition, Facts - BritannicaSep 30, 2021 · Learn more about apartheid within the context of South Africas broader history. apartheid , (Afrikaans:apartness) policy that governed relations between South Africa s white minority and nonwhite majority for much of the latter half of the 20th century, sanctioning racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against nonwhites. Christmas Origin, Definition, Traditions, History, & FactsWorld History; Britannica Classics Check out these retro videos from Encyclopedia Britannicas archives. Demystified Videos In Demystified, Britannica has all the answers to your burning questions. #WTFact Videos In #WTFact Britannica shares some of the most bizarre facts we can find. world wide web history site:britannica - BingWorld History; Britannica Classics Modems thus make it possible for established telecommunications media to support a wide variety of data communication, such as e-mail between personal computers, facsimile transmission between fax machines, or the downloading of audio-video files from a World Wide Web server to a home computer. www site:britannica - Bingapartheid Definition, Facts, Beginning, & End Britannica https://britannica/topic/apartheid Apartheid, in South Africa, a policy that governed relations between the white minority and nonwhite majority during the 20th century. www site:britannica - BingInformative and lively, Show What You Know is a quiz show for curious tweens and their grown-ups from Encyclopædia Britannica. Hosted by author Christopher Lloyd, each episode gives three middle-grade contestants a chance to go head to head with questions about the earth, the universe, ancient history, and more from the Britannica All New Kids Encyclopedia:What We Know & What We Dont. SubscriptionStep 1:Choose Your Membership Offer . Step 2:Login or Create Your Account. Step 3:Billing Information Britannica SchoolBritannica School. Welcome to Britannica School, a safe, up-to-date and age-appropriate information resource for Primary, Middle and High School. Discover encyclopedia articles, journals and periodicals, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources that are curriculum aligned and support student research and classroom teaching. Britannica Family Bundle - Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.For over 250 years, Britannica has stood for rigorous, vetted, and engaging content. The Britannica Family Bundle provides an environment that fosters learning and growth, with over 230K articles, thousands of photos, videos, maps, infographics, illustrations, quizzes, games, and special roundups on todays most important topics, homework help, and more. britannica - 2021 Deals! Updated And Verified.Oct 01, 2021 · Samsung History & Facts Britannica (4 days ago) Samsung, South Korean company that is one of the worlds largest producers of electronic devices. Samsung specializes in the production of a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems. Legal - Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Corporate SiteEncyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Corporate Site. 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